IFTTT update: Assistants, magazines, DIY tools, & more — new on IFTTT

June was a very busy month at IFTTT HQ: we launched over thirty services on the same day with our Data Access Project; championed four non-profits; brought some heavily requested services, Google Photos and Songkick, to the platform; and had our typical stream of partners launching every other day. There’s now over 520 services on IFTTT! Here’s the rundown on everything new:

Assistants and home control systems

There’s never been so many different ways to control your world. Assistants like Cogitai Continua and JiBo Beta can handle everything from social media to IoT. Meanwhile, Anymote Smart Remote, Concierge, Halo Labs’ smart fire alarm, Sowee, and Hager IoT offer new ways to monitor and customize your home life.

Home Connect expands their suite

To help you build the home of the future, our friends at Home Connect recently integrated three new appliances: the Home Connect Fridge, Dryer, and Dishwasher.

New angles on security and tracking

Speaking of the home, three new services specialize in ways to keep you feeling safe and secure. Easy4ip offers a camera with alarm modes, Angelcam offers cloud-storage for a wide range of camera brands, and Nice monitors and secures your garage door. Of course, security issues happen outside the home, too — MyWakes can help you track the things that matter to you, no matter where you (or they!) are.

Lights and power monitoring

We’ve yet to see a month where a smart lighting product doesn’t launch on IFTTT. June’s new options include the WeMo Dimmer, Flux Smart Light, and MagicHue. We also added the Mirubee system, so you can make sure your new lights aren’t running up your energy bill.

DIY systems for the electronics-inclined

Still not finding the exact automation setup you’re looking for? Time to build it yourself with Matrix-io and Seeed Wio.

More news you can use

June saw the launch of our 30+ Data Access Project services, from the Library of Congress to Amtrak to the World Health Organization. We also welcomed Time, Sports IllustratedInStyle, and Hacker News to the platform. Whatever you’re into — there’s an Applet for it there somewhere!

Live outside of the US? New options for notifications

Our phone call and SMS services have always been incredibly popular. But they weren’t the best solution for anyone living outside of the United States. Enter: VoIP Calls and ClicksendSMS.

Continuing with the international theme, Sateraito Office, based in Japan, joined the platform. Their Applets help users send emails and messages across a wide range of office services.

Make and store new memories

Songkick’s Applets will make sure you never miss a concert.  Pair them with Google Photos Applets to capture those memories, or use Unforgettable Me’s personal data-tracking system to log your entire day.

...and a 3D printer

The first one on IFTTT! Polar3D’s Applets help you track your projects.

That was June on IFTTT. Spoiler alert: July’s already had some pretty cool launches. Check back here next month to get all the details, and find your new favorite service.